Economic Democracy: a General Schedule for the District

 First Round of Neighborhood Assemblies - September/October 2012

  • At public meetings in each district, councilmembers presented information on the budget funds, and residents brainstormed project ideas and volunteered to be budget delegates.

 Delegate Orientations - October 2012

  • Community members that volunteered to be delegates at the assemblies learned about the budget process, project development, and key spending areas, then formed committees.

 Delegate Meetings - October 2012 - March 2013

  • Delegates are meeting in committees to transform the community’s initial project ideas into full proposals, with support from councilmember staff and other experts.

 Participatory Budgeting Expo - March 2013

  • Delegates will present their project proposals to the community and answer questions.

 Voting - March/April, 2013

  • Residents will vote on which projects to fund at voting locations in the district.

 Evaluation, Implementation & Monitoring - April 2013 onwards

  • Delegates and other participants will evaluate the process then continue to meet and oversee the implementation of projects.